NCIS Review-S10 E12 “Shiva”

Hey guys! This is my review for NCIS Season 10 Episode 12- “Shiva”

Firstly, I love this episode! It was so well put together and it was emotional and full of action. It really followed up emotionally from the ending of Shabbat Shalom.

The beginning was very good. It was nice to see the wonderful Gabbi Coccio playing the part of young Ziva. She portrayed the part excellently of mini Ziva back in Isreal saying the Shabbat blessing. Ziva’s speech and when Tony found her in the church was an amzing scene. I really loved it.

Next is the Deputy Director Craig. His character was amazing and hilarious, it really fitted the job. The way he interacted with SecNav and Vance was amazing and his scenes with Gibbs were brilliant. It was good to finally meet the Deputy Director.

The rest of the episode was amazing and the scenes were very well thought out. The scenes between Tony and Ziva in Tony’s appartment were brilliant and showed how much he cared for her. When Ziva was talking to Bodnar via video chat, it was a little creepy because he said that he can find her and that he will. I found this worrying considering he is still out there and she still wants revenge.

I especially loved the scene between Abby and Ziva as it was acted perfectly. When Bodnar came to the HQ, the scene with Abby, Ducky and McGee was excellent. I loved how McGee stood up to Bodnar and Ducky’s response to Bodnar’s question.

The ending scene really topped of the episode. The conversation was powerful yet imaginative. And the hug. My little Tiva heart exploded with feels when that happened. It was so well done with the music in the background. And Tony saying “You are not alone” to Ziva in Hewbrew was just perfect. It shows how much he cares for her.

So I loved this episode as it emotinally followed up from Shabbat Shalom and it was so well put together. I hope that we don’t have another episode as emotional as this one because the NCIS fandom won’t be able to handle it.

x-Georgina-x 🙂